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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Mumbai University to train students to tackle terror

Mumbai: Universities in Maharashtra now plan to teach students how to deal with terrorism. The scheme is a brainchild of the state governor and university vice-chancellors are coming up with a plan of action.

At the behest of the Maharashtra governor, the vice chancellors of various universities in the state have formed a consortium to help formulate specific guidelines for such courses.

Maharashtra Governor SC Jamir said that he had asked state universities to come up with a proper plan to sensitise students against terrorism.

University vice chancellors have already held a brainstorming session about possible measures.

"Universities feel that such efforts on the campus would be helpful and would provide policy solutions to such situations," said Dr. Vijay Khole, the Vice Chancellor of Mumbai University.

The youth against terrorism programme will include:
  • Anti terrorism courses in universities
  • Students will also be taught self defence techniques
  • And the NSS & NCC will be adapted to become a parallel police force on campus
  • University curricula will also be modified to include subjects like criminal psychology
  • Also on the anvil is a homeland security institute in the state, which will draw on the expertise of retired police officials, fire officials & disaster management experts
Similar recommendations were made in Mumbai even after the train blasts in 2006, and the committee appointed to study them is yet to submit a report to the government, but students hope that this time there will be quicker action.

Some interesting reactions:
"People have reacted strongly this time, and they have not returned to their normal lives like other times, so I think there will be action."

"Be it Leopold, be it CST, these are places where a lot of students sit around, so if they are given some training, maybe all this can be avoided."

As a first step, universities are planning to organise a student solidarity meet in Mumbai over the weekend in Mumbai.

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