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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Father spots son in 26/11 pics, in Mumbai to take him home

In the gloom of Mumbai's terror attack, Alwar resident Bhuvneshwar Sharma finds a ray of hope. Sharma, 58, a temple priest in Alwar, is in Mumbai these days desperately looking for his son, Tarun Kumar, 31 who had run away from home five years ago.

He just disappeared one fine day and for five years the family, despite extensive search, had not a clue about his whereabouts. Then last fortnight, while pouring over the coverage of 26/11 in his local newspaper, Sharma found a picture of a youth assisting an injured man at CST. The young man was his son.

It was the first indication that Tarun was alive, in good shape and that he was in Mumbai. Sharma immediately landed in Mumbai, he got in touch with the photographer and since then has been trying to trace his son. Newspaper copy in hand, he walks around CST, Fort, Churchgate asking people if they may have seen Tarun Kumar.

Narrating his story Sharma says that of his six children Tarun Kumar was the weakest at academics, he had also failed his SSC, for which he had to bear the brunt of his father' wrath. He often spoke of pursuing acting but then in October 2003, Tarun Kumar left home. He vanished without a trace.

A police complaint was lodged, ads were put in local newspapers and the family even put handbills at several places, and announced a cash prize for anyone giving information. To no avail.

Gradually, Tarun's mother fell sick, the family stopped celebrating all festivals and life in the Sharma household got grimmer. “These have been very painful years. We didn’t know where he was or how he was doing as he never contacted us. It was only by God's grace that we found his photograph. We have no one in this city, so we are wondering how he landed here,” says Sharma.

He has since been to JJ hospital where he was told that the injured man in the picture is a certain Sanjay Yadav who stays at Bhayander and who was injured in the firing at CST. “Possibly Tarun may be with him,” says Sharma. “That is our only hope.”

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