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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Terrorists kill man who gave them water

The terrorists who attacked the Cama Hospital here early today did not spare the life of even their benefactor who had served them water when asked for.

After killing two security personnel in the terrace of the hospital, the two ultras escaped to the housing quarters of the hospital where they killed two persons one of whom had served them water when asked for.

An eerie calm enveloped the maternity ward at the hospital today, in stark contrast to the usual cries of newborns there as most of the patients have left the hospital against medical advice.

Two terrorists had entered the hospital from the back entrance with hand grenades and AK-47 assault rifles at around 0230 hours killing two security personnel, Bhanu Narkar and Baban Ugade, eyewitnesses said.

The terrorist duo, while continuing to fire indiscriminately, went up to the fourth and fifth floors, which house the maternity ward at the five-storey hospital.

One of the two maternity wards was locked from the inside while the terrorists tried to break into another which had been fastened by the women occupying it using a cloth.

Twenty-five women, along with their newborn babies and three other men locked themselves inside a safety room within the maternity ward, refusing to open despite several threats by the terrorists.

Continuing to fire while climbing further up, the terrorists reached the terrace of the hospital where they killed a sub-inspector and two constables.

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