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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Control room, helplines set up for foreign missions

The external affairs ministry has set up a control room to assist Indian and foreign missions with information about the foreigners trapped in the two luxury hotels in Mumbai where the terrorists struck Wednesday night.

The control room is being manned round-the-clock. Those seeking information can call at:

I) +91 11 2301 5300; II) +91 11 2301 2113; and III) +91 11 2301 3537.

Fax: +91 11 2301 8158

Six foreign nationals are reported to have been killed in the terror attacks. A Japanese and an Australian have been confirmed dead in the blasts.

The terror attacks at different locations in Mumbai killed a total of 101 people and injured over 250.

The names of five foreigners killed are: Bret Gilbert Taylor, 49, from England; Michael Stuart, 73; Jurberg Hatraz, 68; Starder Dapley, 50; and Andres Devoras, 75.

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